Kudzai is the author of numerous titles including the popular children's book series " Mischievous Ralphie in Action " with the best - selling title " Ralphie & the Lost Milk Bottle. " The work led to the nomination of the 2016 ZIM Achievers Award Writer of the Year. Kudzai also won the Teesside Enterprise Award in 2015. She really lives a creative life full of travel, writing, fashion, food love and new people. You can find her published work on Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble’s and more. In 2017, Kudzai was featured in the magazine Writing and performed at the Northern Children's Book Festival as a storyteller. In addition, Kudzai likes to write and spend time with kids of all ages. She is a reader for Beanstalk who makes school readers confident.

She has a strong presence online under the name " Kudzai Pasirayi, " which she has been working hard for the past five years. With a documentary entitled " KUDZai-I Am Mastermind, " her work expands into a variety of forms including blogging, photography, etc. Kudzai lives up Northeast of England in the town of Middlesbrough.



Featured on the BestsellingI UK  National Writing  Magazine in the May Issue 2017

Imagination and Invention

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