Ralphie & Friends


Mischievous Ralphie & Friends 

Full of Mischief, Energetic and Naughty 

Mischievous Ralphie is a short, chubby rabbit who is always getting into trouble and never listening to his Mama. Ralphie loves stories, hanging out with his friends and snacks on carrots all day.

Aunty Rosa is Mama Eva's best friend for many years.  Ralphie grew so fond of her and calls her Aunt. She loves cakes and tea.

Old Mr Pattison is the store owner in Maddern.His store sells essential house and  food items. He is a wise man always warning Ralphie to be careful

She is Ralphie's Mama who enjoys spending her time in the kitchen baking the most delicious cakes. Mama Eva is an easy going and most caring Mama. She looks after Ralphie whilst his Papa working at the oil rig.

My Cool Friends

Mellon, The Squirrel

He loves picking nuts and putting them in backsack. Mellon tends to be a little clumsy often knocking things over. He loves to chat with Ralphie on the way.

Singing Olivia

Olivia is a thoughtful, pretty rabbit who enjoys the company of Rico her cousin and his friends Ralphie and Woodie. She loves singing, dancing and nature.

Greedy Rico

What a greedy rabbit, Ralphie has got as a friend. He is  tallest and wears glasses. Rico always protects his friends from any bullies and cares for them like the oldest one.

Worrisome Woodie

Woodie is always supportive but sometimes a little timid. He worries about things going wrong and is afraid of getting lost But, Woodie is the smartest rabbit at school Ralphie has got as a friend. 

Mrs Minnie Bunnie

She is an elderly rabbit neighbour who is interested in Ralphie's whereabouts. In her yard, she consistently finds him taking radish.

Uncle Walter

He is Mama Eva's brother. Uncle Walter loves to go fishing and teaches Ralphie one or two things. He can be very funny.