Kudzai is the author of numerous titles including the popular children's book series " Mischievous Ralphie in Action " with the best - selling title " Ralphie & the Lost Milk Bottle. " The work led to the nomination of the 2016 ZIM Achievers Award Writer of the Year. Kudzai also won the Teesside Enterprise Award in 2015. She really lives a creative life;  full of travel, writing, fashion, photography and meeting new people. Her published work are available on Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble‚Äôs and more. In 2017, Kudzai was featured in the magazine UK Writing Magazine  and performed at the Northern Children's Book Festival as a storyteller. In addition, Kudzai likes to write and spend time with kids of all ages. She is a reader for Beanstalk who makes school readers confident.

She has a strong presence online under the name " Kudzai Pasirayi, " which she has been working hard for the past five years. Her work expands into a variety of forms including blogging, photography, etc. Kudzai lives up Northeast of England in the town of Middlesbrough.